Develop Engaged and Inspired Workforce

Employee engagement is typically measured by conducting periodic surveys. These are followed by announcements of new HR practices or incremental process improvements. But this rarely makes a significant difference in the company and is considered impractical by the employees.

A more proactive approach – one that actually addresses and helps resolve the causes – is needed. Organizations require solutions to measure employee engagement continually and pro-actively throughout the year, rather than making it a once-a-year activity.

Sapience offers a unique technology solution that provides automated visibility and analytics of individual and team engagement and contributions.

How Sapience Can Help

  • Capture mood pulse and employee engagement on a daily basis
  • Correlate engagement score with productivity and phases of the project in order to study engagement influencers
  • Stop wasting time and energy on annual engagement surveys
  • Provide engagement scores and data to each user for their self-assessment
  • Use gamification to create customized employee engagement programs and not a wide brush stroke for all

Automate Reporting and Data Capture

Remove the need for people to fill manual survey forms or reports. Sapience automatically gives you actual employee engagement score and feedback on a daily basis.

Employee management analytics software
Project management tool

Get Data That Matters

The quality of a review depends on the quality of the data. Give your employees a way to give constant feedback without filling out lengthy forms; give your managers access to this data so that they can address concerns as they come in and align employee efforts with business goals.

Use Gamification to Drive Employee Engagement

Continuous review and feedback enables excellent performance. Sapience’s gamification tool is a unique and innovative way to drive employee engagement through customized games. Empower your managers to engage with employees in a new way that makes work fun and drives employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Solution
Employee productivity solution

Instantly See How Teams are Progressing

It has never been this easy to see how employees, teams and project teams are progressing on their respective goals. Waiting to get reports to get visibility is a thing of the past. Meaningful reports, insights, and alerts are now all available, all the time.


  • Automated Employee Engagement Platform
  • Put Employee Engagement Plan in Fast Track
  • Increase retention rate for top 20% employees
  • Actionable reports that tie to business goals- attrition risk, project delay, predicting low engagement score etc


  • HR Applications
  • ERP Applications
  • Rewards and Recognitions Applications

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