Effortlessly Improve Productivity

Measuring knowledge worker productivity was once thought impossible. Those days are long gone. Companies now invest in project management, output tracking and estimation tools to measure the productivity of knowledge workers. While some tools may measure team productivity and output, most do not answer a few important questions

Can my team do more?

Can my team perform better?

Is my team’s effort on point?

Employees expect data-driven management and not the brute force of supervisors who push them for increased productivity just because they “think” the team is not as efficient as it should be.

How Sapience Can Help

  • Automatically capture time, effort and work patterns of the team.
  • Map effort with output-correlate efforts pattern of output
  • Map a path to increased core activity and increased productivity
  • Capture time, effort and work pattern for project, phase of project, sprints, tasks and transactions
  • Identify non-productive activities in work patterns

Simplify and Automate

Save your team’s valuable time by updating project management tools and eliminating the need to fill manual timesheets. Automate data capture and populate relevant tools to get the needed visibility.

Meanwhile, measure the true productivity of the team by incorporating output complexity with key performance indicator and key result area data.

Simplify and Automate team data improve employee productivity
Measures productivity of team

Better Insights

For a long time, productivity was a subjective measure. Not anymore. Not with Sapience. You can confidently set parameters across teams and retrieve the customized data that objectively measures productivity.

Better Effort Alignment

With visibility of effort against each stage of the project, you can better guide the team to ensure that enough time is spent on the right activities.

Additionally, the data will inform leaders about actual effort demonstrated at each stage of the project.

Eliminate productivity killers in your team’s work patterns and avoid distractions. The unnecessary processes bogging your team down will be things of the past.

understad team’s work patterns
understand the better performer with Productivity improvement tool

Replicate Best Practices

Do you want to know the answers to why some individuals and teams are more productive than others? What are the reasons for their success? Better skill? Better process? Better work pattern?

Stop guessing what drives productivity and get actionable data that can be used to train and equip other teams to help them excel along with the best. Productivity throughout the entire organization will rise.

Better Utilization

Improve capacity utilization with optimal workload distribution and activity timing.

Hiring more people is not always the answer. Sometimes, opportunity lies in improving what you already have at your disposal.

Data-driven review of utilization by time, effort and work pattern will make reviews objective.

Manage workload distribution and activity time of employees


  • Increase team’s productivity
  • Improve capacity utilization
  • Reduce wastage in team’s effort
  • Mentor the team with data driven engagement
  • Automated reporting and review for accurate analysis


  • Project Management Tools
  • Time Sheets
  • Output tracking tools
  • ERP

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