Fast Track Process Automation

Process automation is a must-have these days as practically every organization appears to have some sort of initiative underway. But process automation is not for everyone. Many organizations do not realize the full potential of process automation due to one of the following reasons

It’s expensive: The first step of any automation initiative is to understand the current process. This often requires a manual time and motion study, which tends to be very expensive.

It’s time-consuming: Even if cost is not a concern, time and motion studies require ample manual time. They are often long, drawn-out processes that take months to complete.

It requires experts: Further, even if you can afford the cost and time for motion study, an expert must be found to analyze and explain all of the data generated. This requires dedicating staff to monitor and maintain the process automation initiative.

Given the above challenges, many organizations never bother embarking on process automation. Their leaders are skeptical whether the investment would justify the outcomes.

How Sapience Can Help

  • Conduct Time and Motion study in an automated manner
  • Eliminate need for expensive consultants
  • Shorten the timeframe to identify process automation opportunities
  • Identify other process improvement opportunities that do not require automation

Automatic Data Capture

Sapience conducts an automated time and motion study for each process and transaction. What took hours of manual effort can now be automatically captured.

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Better Insights

Sapience captures and provides a detailed step-by-step view of each transaction, process and work output.

The nuances that were not captured in a manual review now appear through Sapience.

Sapience will provide actionable and meaningful insights that do not require expensive experts or consultants to understand.

Faster ROI

With Sapience, you will get data you need to identify process automation opportunities within weeks of deployment. Process automation initiatives need not be months-long, time consuming project.

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Fast Track Process Improvement

While capturing the entire process, Sapience identifies opportunities or bottlenecks that can be fixed without automation. With Sapience data, you can plan processes better and achieve swift increase in productivity.


  • Reduce cost of process automation analysis
  • Fast-track your automation journey- identify early wins
  • Reduce time and effort for identifying process automation opportunities


  • BPA tools
  • BPM tools
  • ERP tools

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