Increase Value from Outsourcing Engagements

Vendor management and governance programs often fall short for one of the following reasons

The client and vendor teams view the governance programs and meetings as once-a-quarter events in which to raise concerns and problems, instead of seeing them as a time for valuable feedback and value creation.

The program relies on manual reports, the data of which is collected from disparate tools. This decreases transparency and trust in the engagement.

The program is not linked to overall business objectives. When it is, the program often remains reactionary instead of proactive.

The Sapience outsourcing governance solution provides the data and visibility you need to establish a culture of collaboration, co-ownership and value creation. You can now create new SLAs, metrics and programs to align the efforts of your outsourcing vendors with results that matter to your business.

How Sapience Can Help

  • Automate data capture for necessary reporting
  • Get visibility into work patterns and capacity utilization
  • Set new SLAs and metrics to auto-manage engagement
  • Create an agile governance process

Automate Reporting and Data Capture

Remove the need for people to file manual reports (timesheets, project management, etc). Manual reporting is prone to errors, providing incorrect input data.

An inordinate amount of time is spent validating manual reports. This time can be used instead to create and implement best practices that transform your vendor management and outsourcing governance practice by aligning it with your business needs.

Automate Reporting and Data Capture in Outsourcing governance
Vendor tracking with sapience analytics outsourcing solution

Get Data That Matters

Quality of review depends on the quality of data. Give your managers in the vendor management and outsourcing governance teams the data they need in order to have clear, meaningful and measurable goals that align with overall business goals.

Drive Performance of Vendor Teams with Ongoing Feedback

Continuous review and feedback are at the heart of driving performance. Sapience data enables engaging conversations with vendors about their performance and goals for improvement.

Collaborating on goals and improving performance backed by data has never been this easy.

Vendor tracking with sapience analytics outsourcing solution
Track and map your vendor performance with outsourcing governance tool

Instantly See How Vendor Teams are Progressing

It has never been simple to see how each vendor and its project team is progressing on the desired goals.

The time of waiting until reports are received in order to gain visibility is over. Meaningful reports, insights and alerts are now all available at all times – you will know where things are with just a glance.


  • Timesheet automation
  • Increase productivity by 20%
  • Reduce cost of outsourcing by 20%
  • Reduce overhead on your outsourcing governance teams
  • Get visibility into effort by each project or phase of project
  • Compare vendors by project, type of work, type of engagement and value delivered


  • Project Management Tools
  • Time Sheets
  • Swipe Cards- entry/exit systems
  • Contract Management Systems
  • Output tracking tools for 360° views into productivity

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