Fast Track Lean Management Implementation

The benefit of implementing lean management is clear but implementing it is not easy.

It is time consuming, expensive and not having the right baseline data can put the entire project risk of failure.

How Sapience Can Help

  • Conduct Time and Motion study in an automated manner
  • Quickly identify and eliminate processes that do not create value
  • Get detailed and accurate activity data for each business process
  • Set goals and track on areal time basis

Automatic Data Capture

Sapience conducts automated time and motion study for each process and transaction. What took hours of manual effort can be now captured automatically.

Automatic Data Capture lean managemet solution
Sapience captures and provides a detailed of work patterns software

Better Data = Better Insights

Sapience captures and provides a detailed view of work patterns of the teams. It can even capture step by step data of each transaction/process followed by the team during their work.

Identifying activities that do not deliver value or increase productivity of the team becomes easier.

Faster ROI

Sapience will get the data you need to identify process bottlenecks within weeks of deployment. Lean Management initiatives need not be month’s long expensive projects.

Sapience will provide actionable and meaningful insights that do not require experts to understand.

Lean management solution quick deployment
Fast track lean management deployment

Fast Track Lean Management

While capturing the entire process, Sapience identifies opportunities/bottle necks in the process that can be fixed with minimal process change. Better planning using Sapience data can give you the first jump in productivity improvement.


  • Reduce cost of time and motion study
  • Easily measure impact of process changes
  • Easily quantify opportunity of improvement
  • Implement lean without disruption to business
  • Get actionable data within weeks of deployment


  • BPA tools
  • BPM tools
  • ERP tools

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