Increased Profitability

Every organization, every workforce, every project is driven by insight. But harnessing those metrics in a meaningful way can feel elusive, and short-term success doesn’t always translate into long-term growth. Until now.

Sapience gives you the power to capture insights in a mindful way, providing enlightened analytics that are designed to drive productivity and engagement. Managers get work trend data at a macro level so they can guide their teams more efficiently. Employees can track their performance and work habits, significantly improving work-life balance as a result. Get mindful with Sapience.


Understand your organization at a whole new level with meaningful analytics and a fresh approach.

Work Effort

Automated measurement of exact effort and utilization compared to estimates.

Get Lean

Support lean management diagnostics and highlight productivity gaps.

Power Analytics

Compare work patterns across business units, projects, or roles.

Measure & Improve Productivity

Capture output and compare with effort to spark transformation.

Employee Engagement

Assess and improve engagement levels throughout the organization.

Trend Spotting

Discover patterns and trends for every level within the enterprise.

Automated Time Sheet

Create pre-filled timesheets and automate submission to save employee time and to ensure compliance.



Fully Automated

Completely automated data capture, no manual data entry required.

Passive Tracking

Works in the background and no interference with the work being done.

Highly Secure

Option to deploy On Premise or on secure SaaS Server.

No Privacy Infringement

Only work data capture, no screen scraping, keystroke logging or user data input captured EVER!


You decide what you want to see and to what level of depth.

Employee Friendly

Only solution that provides actionable and motivating feedback to employees. Every employee gets their new Buddy at work!

With Sapience, your organization can build the attributes that lead to success: Employee Engagement, Optimized Processes, Increased Productivity and Profitability. Bring Meaningful changes to every office, function, team and cubicle to achieve your business goals.

Most Advanced And Automated People Analytics Solution