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Why Sapience?

Sapience - achieve major productivity gains for your enterprise – effortlessly!

Sapience is an innovative, patent-pending software solution that delivers significant work output gains from your existing team. It achieves this through automated work visibility at every level of the enterprise.

Delivers 20% more Work Output - higher Employee Productivity boosts your Revenue & Profit
Time/Effort being spent by teams and individuals is critical at companies whose staff spend most of their time on computers for their work.

Sapience provides an elegant solution to measure Enterprise Effort, at every level of the business. By analyzing and acting on the gaps between actual and expected Effort, significant gains in employee productivity become possible. This can result in financial gain exceeding $200K to $1 million per 100 employees, depending on the countries where you operate.

Automated Work Visibility - drives up People Engagement & Focus
Sapience automatically sources time spent on applications, activities and projects by each employee. This visibility enables employees to ensure efficient use of time in office for required activities.

The emphasis now is ‘time on work’ rather than ‘time in the office’. This encourages employees to deliver reasonable work time, and reduce non-productive time in office.  This will improve employee work-life balance, resulting in a win-win for them as well as the company.

Built for the Enterprise - provides Effort Analytics at every level of the business
Sapience delivers aggregate Effort at every level of the company. A built-in analytics engine generates actionable trends. Senior management gets accurate data on workload in their business units and projects, enabling them to right-staff teams. Overloaded and underutilized teams are also early warning indicators of potential issues. Project Managers can analyze the gaps between actual and expected Effort, and set goals for their teams.