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Know the inspiration and driving force behind Sapience - the people who incubated the original idea, continue to mentor its growth, have thought through the market positioning, are rapidly growing sales to some of the most reputed companies in India and globally, and relentlessly providing support to our valued customers.
Our strong team of technical architects and team members - they have delivered a robust, bug-free, secure and most importantly scalable Sapience product, and continue to execute flawlessly as we evolve Sapience to deliver ever increasing value to customers.
Always available as a sounding board for all our new ideas and strategies. Their rich experience and oversight keep us focused in the right direction, and remain aware that customer delight and impeccable execution are the keys to eventual success.
Consisting of India's best known CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs, they inspire us with their example, and lend their vision and advice as we progress to higher levels and face up to new opportunities and challenges.