Learn Tai Chi for work!

Why is it so hard to stick to good habits at work?

Join us on

Thursday, 25th September 2014 at 3:00 PM IST

Do you know

  • The ‘Golden Hours’ (most productive hours for your organization or teams) and how to maximize on it?
  • How to articulate a means to balance in ‘Time spent in office vs time spent on work’?
  • How self-quantification at work can result in 20% increase in organizational productivity?

Join our webinar “Learn Tai Chi for work!” and have these questions answered and many more

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So what's in it for you?


Build an efficient enterprise

Optimize Capacity and
improve EBITDA


Transition to being a leader

Less micro-management;
guide team to Work Smart


Constructive self-improvement

Work-Life Harmony
(smart work + more time with family)
Speaker Profile

Avinash Sethi
Chief Marketing Officer

An MBA from IIM, Indore and a graduate in Electrical Engineering, Avinash started his career with Tata Consultancy Services. He worked at Intel where he architected numerous high performance enterprise solutions. His penchant for exploring uncharted territory came handy in establishing the Indian operations of InfoBeans (which he co-founded), followed by the UK and Pune offices.

Over the past 17 years, Avinash has acquired a deep understanding of every function of business. He has developed a keen interest in Strategy, Marketing and Finance function. He believes in building long term partnership with customers by gaining insights into their spoken and unspoken needs, and addressing them proactively.