Our app enables you to optimize your day by analyzing business and personal calls, and travel on your mobile

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mSapience Features

  • Comprehensive Dashboard
    See calls, travel, and visits according to day, week, or month
  • Google Maps Integration
    Confirm travel and business meeting locations according to their Google Maps listings
  • No Repeat Selection Required
    Mark a location or contact as business or personal just once, and the app will automatically use the selection for all further interactions
  • Easily Accessible Reports
    Send the reports to any email address
What they say
My sales team is on the road all the time. mSapience helps us record our effort and improve team efficiency.
I want to track & view the time I spend on calls and commuting so that I can manage more time for myself and my family.
My job requires me to call and meet customers regularly. mSapience helps me optimize my travel and phone time.
Sanket Pardesi
Sales Manager
Divya Singh
Self Employed
Vishwal Ahuja
Marketing Executive