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"We are happy to show Sapience data to our customers"

Angelo Fernandes
Managing Director, Reality Premedia Services

"We have registered a 40% increase in the productive hours"

Gururaj Albal
Managing Director, Brintons Carpets

“I love this tool personally, and use it every day. As a CEO it is important that I spend significant amount of my time on Strategy. Using Sapience I can see where I spend my time.”

Ankur Agarwal
CEO & Co-founder, Clarion Technologies

“Sapience has delivered us significant gains in work output. It enables each employee to ensure that s/he puts in reasonable work hours, and also that there is good focus on core activities. We like its ability to give high level trends at all levels, so that managers can guide their teams without having to look at each person’s data. Sapience’s support too has been outstanding.”

Ajit Chaphalkar
CEO, Bio-Analytical Technologies

“Zinnov evaluated several automated time tracking tools available in the market. It identified Sapience as one of the best solutions to track enterprise work effort. Sapience captures both the online and offline time status. Daily productive hours can be tracked at practically all levels of an enterprise. It enables the management to view  capacity utilization pattern across projects.”

Sundararaman Viswanathan
Manager Consulting at Zinnov

”While quality of service delivered is being accomplished through CMMI and other quality standards that we follow at Zensar, Sapience will plug in and help us meet the challenge of accurate effort measurement using high level of automation, something that has not been possible so far.”  
For more details, click on the Zensar Press Release

Sanjay Marathe
Senior Vice President and CTO, Zensar

“Sapience empowers the company at two levels, from an organization standpoint it allows us to measure and improve employee productivity while enabling individuals to improve their productive output and time management through self-analysis. It also helps managers guide their team’s activities to desired outcomes. KPIT Cummins will benefit from the software’s approach through analysis of the effort captured.” 
For more details, click on the KPIT Press Release

Vaishali Vaid
AVP and Head of Process Excellence Group, KPIT

“Sapience is giving us very valuable productivity data. We are rolling it out at our Pune center, and eventually in our global centers in R & D area. We also intend to integrate with our CRM system -” 

Rajiv Nashikkar
VP and MD (India Ops), IDeaS – A SAS COMPANY

"Enventure selected Sapience since we judged it to be a unique application for measuring and improving work efficiency. The immediate impact was a gain of one hour of daily work time per person. Besides providing our employees a self correcting mechanism, we now expect to use it for ensuring prudence in the RFQ process. InnovizeTech team’s support has also been very satisfactory throughout the implementation process."

Wilfred Fernandes
MD, Enventure Technologies

“Zensar is actively promoting the ‘work from home’ model. We are building our technology, and security systems are being put in place. We have already tied up with a Pune-based company, Sapience, to facilitate this.”
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Ganesh Natarajan
Vice Chairman and CEO, Zensar Technologies