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Do organizations need to slow down to grow faster?

September 03,2014

With the world moving at a break neck speed it seems strange that the concept of mindfulness which asks an individual to take time and look within is gaining such momentum. Large organizations such as Google and Apple are embracing this concept to increase employee focus and improve performance.

Zone out the distractions

August 28,2014

The term "in the zone" has been abused by many a cricket commentator over the years. Any batsman playing well consistently is deemed to be in the zone. Those who are asked about it either dismiss it or give some other self-deprecating reply.

Telecommuting and productivity – a manager’s nightmare?

August 22,2014

Between 2005 to 2012 telecommuting has risen by 79%. Almost 3.3 million which is 2.6% of the US employee workforce is currently working remotely. This clearly indicates that the concepts of the prototypical workplace is changing.

Feeling unproductive? Take an online break

August 08,2014

Online breaks have often been frowned upon and looked at as one of the major time wasters at work. However, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Cincinnati taking timed online breaks actually help in increasing productivity.

Less work and more play - What does Sweden hope to achieve with a 6 hour work day?

August 08,2014

In an attempt to drive up productivity among its workers the Swedish government is looking at a very interesting experiment. Government staff in the Swedish city of Gothenburg are participating in this yearlong experiment starting the 1st of July.

Mind over matter – How to get more done in less time

July 25,2014

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there don’t seem to be enough hours in a day. While there seems to be no lack of motivation to get more productive, staying motivated and disciplined about productivity seems to be a huge roadblock. In this tryst against time, it pays greatly to understand the workings of the human mind in order to handle the productivity block and tackle the main pitfalls that prevent us from getting things done

Did You Miss Any Goals At The World Cup?

July 15,2014

The FIFA World Cup just same to an exciting climax and if you are like us you are probably feeling a strange emptiness in your schedule. Among all the goals that were scored though there were some that were missed that you may not have noticed.

What Makes Employees More Productive?

July 09,2014

Harvard Business Review's website recently reached out to 19,000 employees from various levels and positions across different companies and a broad range of industries through a survey to understand "what makes employees more satisfied and productive at work?"

The survey revelaed that employees primarily need following four things to feel better and be more productive at work:

Coming Up: A Happier, More Productive, UK Work Force

July 01,2014

Newspapers recently carried news of how labour rules in the UK had been recently amended to give all workers the right to request flexible working hours including the right to work from home. The ruling sought to extend the benefit to the workforce at large beyond just the new parents it earlier applied to and the expectation is this will create a happier workforce.

The Unseen Time Wasters at Work

June 23,2014

Research says we have about 56 interruptions at work in 1 day. It takes 3 minutes to switch between tasks and it takes 2 hrs to recover from the distraction. On an average business day we receive 306 emails, we check our emails 36 times in an hour and it takes 16 minutes to refocus after handling an email. After this, the only time left which would be less than 40% of the day, would be spent on work. Time spent in office is rarely proportional to time spent on work. Take a look at these infographics to understand the unseen time wasters at work.